Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Random New York Happenings

My mom and Michaela on the Brooklyn Bridge
We suprised Michaela for her birthday! It was so fun! I bought her tickets to the Stephanie Meyer and Justin Ferstenfeld 'Breaking Dawn' concert in NYC. She was giong to be here for it, so why not! She jumped up and down. I love suprising people. I think this made me her favorite sister (sorry Caitlin)! Bwahahaha!
My mom, Michaela, and I camping out in line for our awesome places in line for the Breaking Dawn concert. We waited pretty much all day long on a side walk in the middle of Times' Square. It was fun. One more memory in the book.

Inside the concert waiting for Stephanie Meyer to appear!

Stephanie and Justin doing their thing. It was fabulous. If anyone doesn't listen to Blue October, you should start now! He was wonderful...

After the concert

With our books in hand!!!! You should ask Michaela about the stupid blonde girl in line with us that provided some good entertainment while we waited for midnight to hit. She was precious!

So I couldn't get this photo to go day in Times' Square they were having calls for the TV Show 'What Not to Wear' stood inline to say why she's amazing and deserves a fabulous NY makeover.

Getting wired for the audition. I love my mom! She's wonderful and spontaneous!

We also camped out to get tickets from the Wicked lottery, but to no avail. We'll try again when the tourists come to a slow down. But my mom and Michaela got to see Mary Poppins!

The Metropolitan Museum of Art has Monet's! And you're allowed to take pictures!
Some modern art I actually like and understand...:0
Coney Island beach

Can you tell whose toes belong to who?

Michaela about to get hit by a wave

Our first Coney Dogs! The real thing baby! Chilli and all!

Yay for Coney Dogs!
Radio City Music Hall

I love Peter Pan

My Captain Hook...

Belle was there for us to take pictures. I'm doing the wrong job...I should be a princess so people can come to me and take pictures all day! What more in life is there?

So, my new favorite thing about New York is....(drum roll) Thog!!!
I think the picture speaks for itself. He danced around and sang in a high soprano voice and arched his back back and was rather frightening, actually.

Barbie runway show and FAO Shwartz! Create your own barbie and she will model your outfit

The Hungry, Hungry, Catepillar...I love toy stores

Tiffany's...a must see for every tourist

I couldn't believe how large this was...

My first purchase at Bloomingdales! Probably my last for a while, since it's freakeshly expensive!

We had way too much fun at the Natural History Museum

So apparently I weigh 2.622 trillion pounds on a neutron Star! Not exaclty what every girl wants to hear..

This was more like it. 10.8 pounds on the moon! I'm moving to the moon...

I have no caption for this...

Mr. Tony Bennett!

So I'm walking down the street the other day, by Bloomingdales and I look in front of me and what do you know? There's Tony Bennett! It's really him just out and about with his friend. I was super excited and managed to snap a non-intusive photo of him...I promise he didn't notice.

I love New York.!