Thursday, November 13, 2008

A few of my favorite things...

Because our life has been so crazy just doesn't seem to let up! But everything seems to be pretty typical in it (meaning there isn't crazy stuff to blog about or things to take pictures of). so I am dedicating this particular blog to things that I love about New York City. I want through my pictures about found things that are particularly unique to the city experience. So without further ado....

I get to find out things like, I weigh 2.622 trillion pounds on a neutron star! Not soemthing you want to see on the scale every morning.

I probably should have put him first. But let me introduce you to "Thoth". You can even google him and watch some live performances. He is just a representation of the street performers New York has to offer.

Mr Tony Bennett! Walking down the street by Bloomingdales!

You know you are in New York when McDonald's doesn't brag about how many burgers it has sold, but how many seats there are available to sit in...(sitting is a luxery in most places...just not the space)

Fabulous old guys dancing to disco music in Central Park. I actually think he was the DJ for the roller skating club that gathers each week.

Enough said about the bike. It is an actualy bike though with pedals...and skull buckles glues on everywhere...It just made me smile

Being able to camp out in central park for free concerts by the New York Philharmonic Orchestra and The Metropolitan Opera.

FAO Shwartz and the dancing piano players. Yes...this is the piano fromthe movie "Big"

Canal Street and all the Chinese workers..."Chanel, Coach, Prada..." anyone.

The Sheep's Meadow in Central park is one of the Hidden Treasures of the city. You can be surrounded by nature and still have a city skyline. It's beautiful! I absolutely love it here. This is where we like to come with the planket and a picnic basket

Serendipity and the Frozen Hot Chocolate of course!

Can't forget Tiffany's and the diamonds...

Ice Hockey!

Christmas windows at department stores are amazing! I couldn't have dreamed how intricate they would be. Fabulous!

St. Patrick's Cathedral is beautiful and amazing. I feel the reverence of this place every time I go. It's beautiful.

Good Morning American and TV tapings in general. You get to see people like Reba live!

The solemnity and reverence for the heros of 9/11. I get tears and goosebumps everytime I visit here.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Proposition 8

I found these on the church website. And like many of you was confused and concerned over Proposition 8 that was being voted on in California. For me, I was like "Who cares?" If they want to get married, let them as long as they aren't making it a religiously sanctioned marriage. That, I am sure is surprising and appalling to some, but why not? I voted "no" in Missouri because the Church told us not to, but not understanding exactly why.

Here are two videos that have clarified the that concern. I am now whole heartedly for Proposition 8 and every other ballot measure that will be similar to that in other states. I understand the church's fears and concerns. They go a lot farther than just protecting marriage, although that is a large concern. President Bednar's question and answer was particularly enlightening. So if any of you are still concerned or confused over why the church is having us vote in favor of this, watch these. They were awesome! And then look up some of the lawsuits and things the governments have been forcing religious leaders to do in the name of equality.

I worry that there will come a day when the government would be able to force bishops to marry gay couples on the grounds of discrimination and they would have no choice or face court time. And then only a short time before our sacred temples are used likewise. If that day ever comes, I don't know what we would do. President Bednar is exactly right, tolerance only goes one way. Once we tolerate gay marriage, they will no longer tolerate our moral and religious views because we would be discriminating and could face court time but more often ostracism. So watch and enjoy. If they don't come up, here are the links: