Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Finally recovering from the wedding

We are back in the Big Apple now. The wedding went well and the end result is as hoped...they're married. It was a gorgeous ceremony and Caitlin looked beautiful. What I love most about family event is that family is there. Being out here in New York, it gets a bit lonely sometimes. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing my Grandparents there. I always love to sit at their feet and listen to their stories. They have led amazing lives. I often wonder if I'll have as humorous of stories as they do. But it doesn't matter, if needed, I'll just tell theirs.

The night after I got there, we threw Caitlin a Bridal Shower. It was Breakfast at Tiffany's themed. All the ladies were to dress in the "little black attire" and we had pearls and jeweled rings to put on. It was a fabulous party darling! There were Tiffany Blue cupcakes and favors, fun games and good friends. We enjoyed it.

The theme carried over to our Audrey Hepburn themed Bachellorette. All of the girls wore little black dresses, hats, gloves, etc. We went out for cocktails and appetizers and came home to a chocotle fountain with tons of junk to dip in it. I was sick, but we sent Caitlin off into married life in style!

We prayed and prayed for good weather for traveling and the festivities. It was perfect for traveling, so we all arrived safely and it even held up for pictures, but the winds were let loose as soon as we left the Temple. It was crazy. It kept catching my dress and I couldn't walk. It was like wearing a giant sail...I kept getting pulled backwards. So needless to say, we didn't get a lot of pictures after the wedding. But plenty before. I'm happy for them.

The weather held up, but people's health didn't. My dad was the first to get sick, mom followed, and soon after Grandma and Grandpa. I think most of them are better by is still under the weather though. This meant she couldn't help with Saturday's decorating or enjoy the reception. She spent most of the night in a chair by the door. She's such a trooper. But she look beautiful! My Aunt Kathy came and did our hair. She did a fabulous french twist on my mom and a french twist with a twist on mine. It was beautiful and mature. I've never really had a mature hairstyle before. I loved it.

I got to decorate another wedding cake. I'm pretty good at faking that I know how to do it. But the cake tasted delicious. It had real strawberries in the middle. Mmmmm. I even packed some to go on the airplane. I've posted a slide show with most of the pictures. (There were a lot of them) We played and partied hard!

Friday, March 7, 2008

My first celebrity sighting

So I was walking down Madison Avenue yesterday and saw a swarm of Paparazzi. I went over to see which celeb it was and there was Catherine Zeta Jones! I was excited! She was there announcing the opening of the new Elizabeth Arden flagship store as well the fact that she was their new spokesperson. She's beautiful in real life. Short. But fabulous. I love New York City. I get to experience things like this. So for all of you, not in NYC, here is my first celeb sighting photo.

It's finally here!

Bryant worked so hard on his class video and it's finally done and posted on YouTube! You can either search it the old fashioned way by going to YouTube and searching "Cornell Med School Video" or click on the link above or to the side of this post. It's fabulous and I am so excited for how it turned out. It's basically making fun of the fact that each of their lectures is video taped so that they can go back and watch them later. However, this means that cameras are always moving around the room, leaving those to wonder what the guy in teh back is really watching. Here is one theory, although untrue. It was fun to come up with random things for the students to be doing while lecture is going on. We had to get creative. I love who they got to play Sting! They couldn't get anyone better. My husband is amazing and I couldn't ask for anyong better. We did find a new talent and passion for movie making in the process though. I think we'll have to invest in a nice video camera soon. It keeps him occupied. So enjoy and share it around. It's a great watch.