Monday, February 22, 2010

Men are from Mars...Women are From Venus...

So I've been a little blue lately. Nothing big, just missing Bryant and getting some cabin fever. Bryant's been on night rotations for a week, which means he sleeps all day and then I'm alone at night. Not fun. But I've found some awesome blogs to keep me busy and have been crafting like crazy. I made Emma a hair bow holder that looks fabulous. Which of course means that I needed to make some bows to go on it. But I couldn't just have one bow...she would someday have pigtails and would need one bow for each I made lots of bows.

Then I found some instructions on how to make a cute little summer dress out of an old T-shirt. Well, I've got plenty of those lying around...still haveing my mommy body. So why not let Emma get some use out of a t-shirt or two? So I made a few changes to the instructions and got an adorable knit dress for this summer! Love it! I left it out on the table for a few days just so I could keep admiring it. I tried to show Emma how cute it was. She seemed to like it as it went straight into her mouth :)

So Cute, right?

Well, Bryant also needs to let of some steam and let his creative urges flow. And since hairbows aren't exactly his thing. He decided to create a human body from the inside out out of...yes, playdough! And not just that. He was going to do it from memory...I shrugged and said ok...not really thinking he would do it, but here it is...still not finished, but getting closer. I will post a final product once it is completed. So thank you Jeff and Katie for the wonderful playdough for Christmas!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Christmas "photo shoot" and blessing gown pictures

So over Christmas, we wanted to get a few pictures of the family and of Emma for us to have. Being poor students, we decided to play around with my Dad's new camera. We had tons of fun and got some pretty good shots, I think. There is still some editing that can be done, but still cute nonetheless (is that a word?). I know I have many wonderfully talented professional photographer friends and family, so don't notice all the imperfections in the photos. But I think Emma is too cute not to show off. She would have been about 3 1/2 months in these.

I spent the entire month of December sewing and beading her Blessing gown. It took a while, but I wanted it to reflect Jane Austen and her namesake, Emma. I love how it turned out and hope that it can be an heirloom piece for her to pass down and use with her daughters.

More Pictures

This one cracked me up. I had to stay after church for some song practice before our Primary program. I came out to find this. I think what made me laugh the most was Emma's position face planted into cute!

Her first smiles...make your heart melt...

One of her favorite positions is to push off you and hang upside down...makes me laugh

My little family! Is there anything better in all the world? I think not.

We started reading to her early on...well letting her look at pictures. But she loved it and was absolutely riveted on the pictures

I call this picture "Out Cold" She had her head hanging off her sleep wedge and was unconscious

A common way for Father/Daughter time. Bryant reads his medical books out loud to her every once in a while. But she would just curl up and stare at him...or sleep while he studied. Those days are past though...she wiggles way too much.

*sigh* I miss those days when she would just curl up and go to sleep on you...

Adore this onesie. I was actually sad when she outgrew it until I realized I also had it in a larger size!

I know. More sleeping pictures...But I still can't stop staring at her even now. There is nothing sweeter than a baby sleeping

More study time

We started calling her "Peanut" because that's what she looked like when she was all wrapped up in her blanket. Her Grandma Staples found this adorable stuffed peanut just for her!

My favorite Sunday dress so far...Too bad it was newborn size...

So lovin' from her Grandma Staples

This may have been the first time she was actually laid down...just kidding. I loved how shew as so tiny, her legs wouldn't go down into the little peanut!

More Daddy bonding time


I haven't actually made her wear this for real, but I took a picture in honor of Chance. He calls this her satellite dish. He said "if my cell phone is ever out of service, just hand me Emma..."

Tummy Time!

A few days old with Grandma Cooper (my mom)

She really hated being naked! Now that's the only way I can get her to smile sometimes. Funny how they change!