Thursday, November 13, 2008

A few of my favorite things...

Because our life has been so crazy just doesn't seem to let up! But everything seems to be pretty typical in it (meaning there isn't crazy stuff to blog about or things to take pictures of). so I am dedicating this particular blog to things that I love about New York City. I want through my pictures about found things that are particularly unique to the city experience. So without further ado....

I get to find out things like, I weigh 2.622 trillion pounds on a neutron star! Not soemthing you want to see on the scale every morning.

I probably should have put him first. But let me introduce you to "Thoth". You can even google him and watch some live performances. He is just a representation of the street performers New York has to offer.

Mr Tony Bennett! Walking down the street by Bloomingdales!

You know you are in New York when McDonald's doesn't brag about how many burgers it has sold, but how many seats there are available to sit in...(sitting is a luxery in most places...just not the space)

Fabulous old guys dancing to disco music in Central Park. I actually think he was the DJ for the roller skating club that gathers each week.

Enough said about the bike. It is an actualy bike though with pedals...and skull buckles glues on everywhere...It just made me smile

Being able to camp out in central park for free concerts by the New York Philharmonic Orchestra and The Metropolitan Opera.

FAO Shwartz and the dancing piano players. Yes...this is the piano fromthe movie "Big"

Canal Street and all the Chinese workers..."Chanel, Coach, Prada..." anyone.

The Sheep's Meadow in Central park is one of the Hidden Treasures of the city. You can be surrounded by nature and still have a city skyline. It's beautiful! I absolutely love it here. This is where we like to come with the planket and a picnic basket

Serendipity and the Frozen Hot Chocolate of course!

Can't forget Tiffany's and the diamonds...

Ice Hockey!

Christmas windows at department stores are amazing! I couldn't have dreamed how intricate they would be. Fabulous!

St. Patrick's Cathedral is beautiful and amazing. I feel the reverence of this place every time I go. It's beautiful.

Good Morning American and TV tapings in general. You get to see people like Reba live!

The solemnity and reverence for the heros of 9/11. I get tears and goosebumps everytime I visit here.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Proposition 8

I found these on the church website. And like many of you was confused and concerned over Proposition 8 that was being voted on in California. For me, I was like "Who cares?" If they want to get married, let them as long as they aren't making it a religiously sanctioned marriage. That, I am sure is surprising and appalling to some, but why not? I voted "no" in Missouri because the Church told us not to, but not understanding exactly why.

Here are two videos that have clarified the that concern. I am now whole heartedly for Proposition 8 and every other ballot measure that will be similar to that in other states. I understand the church's fears and concerns. They go a lot farther than just protecting marriage, although that is a large concern. President Bednar's question and answer was particularly enlightening. So if any of you are still concerned or confused over why the church is having us vote in favor of this, watch these. They were awesome! And then look up some of the lawsuits and things the governments have been forcing religious leaders to do in the name of equality.

I worry that there will come a day when the government would be able to force bishops to marry gay couples on the grounds of discrimination and they would have no choice or face court time. And then only a short time before our sacred temples are used likewise. If that day ever comes, I don't know what we would do. President Bednar is exactly right, tolerance only goes one way. Once we tolerate gay marriage, they will no longer tolerate our moral and religious views because we would be discriminating and could face court time but more often ostracism. So watch and enjoy. If they don't come up, here are the links:

Friday, October 3, 2008

Life is crazy! all my faithful readers...I think I am back from a long hiatus of not blogging! We'll see though. It's hard to get back into it when you've been gone for so long. However. Here's an update.

Bryant is already full swing into his second year of medical school. It's harder and the hours are longer, but he still likes being here. He got some more fun 'doctor toys' this week that he gets to play with when he goes on rotations through clinics and shadows doctors. Hehe...I like when he wears his white coat to school and now he has accessories for it too! That's what every outfit needs, right?

I have been the busy one. I've started school again. Nothing, huge. I'm doing some certificate programs at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) that I absolutely love! I am taking courses on pattern making, draping, and millinery! I love them. I have already made three berets and am working on draping my first felt hat. I know that didn't make sense to most of you, but I'll post pictures when I finish it. I love it! It's nice having night classes because it allows Bryant some study time and gives me something to do instead of staying at home watching TV every night. I'm hoping to take a Haute Couture course next semester. That would be awesome! I think I have found a new hobby. A little expensive, but I love it!

I am also juggling two callings: ward missionary and primary chorister! Our Primary program is three weeks away and the kids are doing awesome! I'm so excited for them. I just hope everything goes well. But we are working full time on this and drilling those songs into their heads like there's no tomorrow! They're good troopers.

I have been doing a lot of odd jobs around here...babysitting, mending, sewing projects, etc...all to pay our bills. It works and I love that it gives me flexibility.

We are happy and still enjoying New York. I'm loving New York actually. I love it every time I step outside my door. It's a wonderful city. I'm growing quite attached to it! I never thought I would say that, but it almost makes the high costs worth it...not really, but I don't mind them so much anymore. I"m sure I would be thinking differently if we were actually paying our rent at the mement and not doing it through loans. But for now...I love the city. I love fall in New York. It's everything that "You've Got Mail" described it to be! Beautiful.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Random New York Happenings

My mom and Michaela on the Brooklyn Bridge
We suprised Michaela for her birthday! It was so fun! I bought her tickets to the Stephanie Meyer and Justin Ferstenfeld 'Breaking Dawn' concert in NYC. She was giong to be here for it, so why not! She jumped up and down. I love suprising people. I think this made me her favorite sister (sorry Caitlin)! Bwahahaha!
My mom, Michaela, and I camping out in line for our awesome places in line for the Breaking Dawn concert. We waited pretty much all day long on a side walk in the middle of Times' Square. It was fun. One more memory in the book.

Inside the concert waiting for Stephanie Meyer to appear!

Stephanie and Justin doing their thing. It was fabulous. If anyone doesn't listen to Blue October, you should start now! He was wonderful...

After the concert

With our books in hand!!!! You should ask Michaela about the stupid blonde girl in line with us that provided some good entertainment while we waited for midnight to hit. She was precious!

So I couldn't get this photo to go day in Times' Square they were having calls for the TV Show 'What Not to Wear' stood inline to say why she's amazing and deserves a fabulous NY makeover.

Getting wired for the audition. I love my mom! She's wonderful and spontaneous!

We also camped out to get tickets from the Wicked lottery, but to no avail. We'll try again when the tourists come to a slow down. But my mom and Michaela got to see Mary Poppins!

The Metropolitan Museum of Art has Monet's! And you're allowed to take pictures!
Some modern art I actually like and understand...:0
Coney Island beach

Can you tell whose toes belong to who?

Michaela about to get hit by a wave

Our first Coney Dogs! The real thing baby! Chilli and all!

Yay for Coney Dogs!
Radio City Music Hall

I love Peter Pan

My Captain Hook...

Belle was there for us to take pictures. I'm doing the wrong job...I should be a princess so people can come to me and take pictures all day! What more in life is there?

So, my new favorite thing about New York is....(drum roll) Thog!!!
I think the picture speaks for itself. He danced around and sang in a high soprano voice and arched his back back and was rather frightening, actually.

Barbie runway show and FAO Shwartz! Create your own barbie and she will model your outfit

The Hungry, Hungry, Catepillar...I love toy stores

Tiffany's...a must see for every tourist

I couldn't believe how large this was...

My first purchase at Bloomingdales! Probably my last for a while, since it's freakeshly expensive!

We had way too much fun at the Natural History Museum

So apparently I weigh 2.622 trillion pounds on a neutron Star! Not exaclty what every girl wants to hear..

This was more like it. 10.8 pounds on the moon! I'm moving to the moon...

I have no caption for this...

Mr. Tony Bennett!

So I'm walking down the street the other day, by Bloomingdales and I look in front of me and what do you know? There's Tony Bennett! It's really him just out and about with his friend. I was super excited and managed to snap a non-intusive photo of him...I promise he didn't notice.

I love New York.!

Sunday, July 20, 2008


I've been tagged. And I thought this was so funny!

1. My Rockstar Name:"Patches Cherokee" (first pet, current car) I don't have a car so I went with the latest owned

2. My Gangsta Name:"Chocolate flip flop" (favorite ice cream flavor, favorite shoe)

3. My Native American Name:"Pink Cat" (favorite color, favorite animal)

4. My Soap Opera Name:"Joy Mesa" (middle name, city where you were born)

5. My Star Wars Name : "Stach" or "Cooch"(first 3 letters of last name, first 2 of your first)

6. My Super Hero Name :"Red Lemonade"(second favorite color, favorite drink)

7. My nascar Name :"Jack Lloyd" (first names of your grandfathers)

8. My Stripper Name :"Dream Snickers"(favorite perfume/cologne/scent, favorite candy)

9. My TV weather anchor name :"Seider St. Louis" (5th grade teacher, city that begins with same letter)

10. My Spy Name :"Christmas Lilly" (favorite season/holiday, favorite flower)

11. My cartoon name: "Grape Slipper"(favorite fruit, article of clothing you are wearing now)

12. My Hippie Name :"Cream Cherry" (what you ate for breakfast, favorite tree)

I tag everyone who reads this and laughed out loud...

Xanadu sing-a-longs...don't judge me!

So I've decided to try and add a blog post each Sunday on why I love New York City. This thought keeps coming to me because every time I step outside my building, I get so excited and think how much I love the city. Better watch out! We might turn into city dwellers after all. The things you see and do are so random that you can't help but love where you are. Sometimes, it makes up for all the downfalls of big city life. We love it!!!

My first reason I love New York is the sheer number of random entertainment opportunities you can find. Like a Xanadu movie sing-a-long! That's right! How much fun. I know the movie lacks things other movies have like acting, a good script, great costumes, and a plot...but you can't deny that Xanadu just makes you smile. Olivia Newton-John is brilliant and hopelessly in love with a very ugly man. I have no idea how he was cast! But once you get past the rollerskating musical numbers, orange spandex, and short shorts (on men)'s a great movie.

Being sing-a-long rookie, I was a little unsure about what to expect. I knew the crowd that the Rocky Horror Picture Show draws, so I could only imagine that this would be the same. Bryant was a wonderful husband and agreed to go with me because things like this are always more fun when you've got someone with you. But his response was "I'd rather go to the ballet, than go to this..." Translation: "I really, really, really, don't want to go. So much, that I'd rather watch a bunch of men in tights..." But he loves me, so he went, under the condition that he didn't have to be in any pictures. I thought this was a great deal.

Did I mention that this started at midnight? Down in Greenwhich Villiage? It was a great time. And the people turned out to relatively normal. Nobody in insane clothing. There was only a few men in really short shorts and knee socks. Two of the muses from the Broadway cast even came and sang with us before the movie started! This was the first ever Xanadu sing-a-long in New York City! I was there. Not that it's a monumental event, but look where the Rocky Horror sing-a-longs have gone!

We got goodie bags full of items to use during the movie. We had art to rip up and throw in the air with Sonny, bubbles to blow during "Don't Walk Away", Poppers for "Rock-n-Roll", glow sticks for the final number, "Xanadu", and kazoos to use every time there was a cook scene change or one of the muses dissapeared into a laser beam. It soon became interactive. People shouting out and singing along. I loved it! Bryant even started singing along for a few songs. It helped that they had the lyrics on a board next to the screen. At thene nd, he even stood up and waved his glow stick around while we screamed the song, "Xanadu"! But don't tell him I told you.

This is a picture of the movie screen. It's during my favorite scene. Kiera, a muse, goes to visit her dad, Zues. It takes place on a screen of laser beams and twinkling stars. She even glows orange! Just a taste my friends of Xanadu and it's revolutionary special effects...ok, so their not so revolutionary, but it makes you smile, right?

I had a blast and would do it again in a heart beat! Love it. Doesn't this make you love New York too?!?!?!