Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Christmas "photo shoot" and blessing gown pictures

So over Christmas, we wanted to get a few pictures of the family and of Emma for us to have. Being poor students, we decided to play around with my Dad's new camera. We had tons of fun and got some pretty good shots, I think. There is still some editing that can be done, but still cute nonetheless (is that a word?). I know I have many wonderfully talented professional photographer friends and family, so don't notice all the imperfections in the photos. But I think Emma is too cute not to show off. She would have been about 3 1/2 months in these.

I spent the entire month of December sewing and beading her Blessing gown. It took a while, but I wanted it to reflect Jane Austen and her namesake, Emma. I love how it turned out and hope that it can be an heirloom piece for her to pass down and use with her daughters.


Mrs. Carter said...

Beautiful baby Chelsea. Congrats!

Alys said...

She is beautiful!

Corey and Amber said...

I miss you guys and am so glad you have updated your blog. Emma is sooo Beautiful!!. and what a smile. I love all the work you did on her blessing outfit. Gorgeous!

Rachel said...

Yes, I think nonetheless is a word. But we should probably check with Kristi.

And her blessing dress is beautiful, and so are all the pictures of little Emma. Kudos to you for beading her dress, especially after having the baby.

Did you make her hat, too? It is so cute.

Cassie said...

Yeah pictures! She is so pretty, I just love her! I miss you guys tons, I wish we were close by again. I'm glad you love being a mom, it's so fun. She is just perfect.

Hannah said...

Wow Chelsea--this dress is GORGEOUS. You are incredible.